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What Is The Principle Of Eletric Steam Mop Work?

A steam mop is a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner. Consider what it is, how it works and what is good.

What Is The Principle Of Steam Mop Work?

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Manufacturers tried their best, taking all the best from vacuum cleaners and mops. The result was an interesting design. What can be said about this device?

Firstly, the device is quite lightweight, weighs within 3 kilograms, which makes it easy to move it around the apartment.

Secondly, it is powered by electricity, but consumes only 5 kW / h.

It has a base in the shape of a triangle, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Equipped with a handle, depending on the model, it can be height-adjustable or solid.

Included are several nozzles designed for different coatings.

It is equipped with a small water tank, which can be filled with the most ordinary water. When heated, the water begins to evaporate and spit out the formed steam, which is used to clean the floors.

Steam Mop Pros

Hoover CAD1700D testThe steam mop is a really good device that comes in handy in any home. Especially for families with small children or allergies. A device that simultaneously cleans and disinfects has a number of inherent advantages. Consider them.

  • Wide functionality allows it to be used for cleaning the entire housing, thanks to a set of various nozzles.
  • The brush of the device has a floating effect, that is, it easily penetrates into inaccessible places.
  • Light in weight. In total, the device weighs approximately 3 kg. Therefore, maneuvering them is quite convenient.
  • Does not require the use of chemicals in the application process.
  • Modern design.
  • Does not take up much space.

Cons of a steam mop

Of course, the device is very useful in everyday life. However, keep in mind that there is nothing ideal. If you do not idealize, but objectively evaluate a thing, then there will be no disappointments. Actually, in order for the concept of the device to be comprehensive and consistent with how the steam mop actually works, consider its disadvantages.

  • Leaves stains. The device is characterized in such a way that it fully collects water. In reality, everything is not so perfect. Just technically, the device does not provide such an opportunity. Therefore, after its use, wet traces, stains may form.
  • Does not collect garbage. The steam mop is really capable of neutralizing dust and small debris. But, against significant clogging, it is not a panacea. It is convenient to use after being walked with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • The ability to remove stains. Yes, this household appliance is really effective in removing habitual household pollution. For example, they spilled juice or another drink, dirty footprints from shoes. However, if atypical, persistent contaminants appeared on the surface, then special treatment can not be dispensed with.

When choosing the right model, you need to pay attention to the weight of the device and its functionality. In some modifications, due to the large number of additional functions, the mop has become heavier. Such products are not suitable for fragile girls. If the device will be used most often to clean the inside of the car, you should pay attention to the universal models that are detachable from the handle.

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