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Ten Fresh Home Office Design Ideas

The home office is supposed to be the area where we get the most work done. If that’s the case, how come we spend most our time twiddling our thumbs, unable to concentrate?

The look of your work space has a bigger effect on your productivity than you might think. Here are ten design ideas that could inspire you.

Use light

The room you chose to be your base of operations should have access to plenty of natural light during the day. Dark and dingy home offices can really stifle your creativity, so we’d recommend purchasing multiple light sources to place around the room.  Switch on different lamps to suit your working mood, when daylight begins to fade.

Pick a desk that fits the room

A personal favourite of ours are L-shaped desks that fit into the corner of your room. They provide a large working area and can accommodate all of your technology without leaving you feeling cramped. Viking has a number of computer workstations in this style if you feel you need more space.

Add some plants

Plants aren’t just nice to look at, they also improve the quality of the air in your home. The addition of a bonsai tree or Venus flytrap can significantly improve the look of your office. Bonsai Direct have a fantastic selection of miniature trees that would look right at home on your desk.

Less is more

Trying to squeeze too much furniture and equipment into your office is the quickest way to create a cluttered and unorganised work space. Do you really need a printer, scanner, shredder and fan all on your desk at the same time? Clearing some space will also clear your head.

Hang up some posters

The walls of your office don’t have to remain bare if you’re going for a minimal look. When used sparingly, a poster or piece of artwork can give a room some much needed warmth. We’d advise that you find a frame for your poster so the look of your office remains professional.


Even the most cluttered workspace can appear ordered if everything follows a set colour scheme. Take your chosen aesthetic much further than the colour of your walls by applying it to your storage boxes and stationary.

Use an alcove

Home offices don’t have to have their own dedicated rooms. Some people can feel isolated and alone in a large, empty room. Instead, you can create a quaint little work zone in the corner of any living space in your home.

Find inspiration

Keep yourself going when you hit a mental block by displaying anything that could inspire you. Pin up a notice board that displays a clear set of goals and milestones you want to achieve. This will keep your space from feeling cold and empty too.

Work with a view


Your room can feel a lot more open if you a have a pleasant view to gaze upon. Enjoy the changing scenery of the seasons whilst you work.

Add a splash of color

Pale shades are great if you’re trying to achieve a minimal style. However, injecting some vibrant colours can bring your study to life. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with contrasting colours like red and green when designing your office.

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